Role of Maternity Nurse

  • Offering help and advice on all aspects of baby care
  • Setting up a routine for the baby
  • Care of the baby’s laundry and keeping the nursery clean and tidy
  • Responsible for sterilizing any bottles, pacifiers etc
  • Feeding the baby, i.e. giving baby a bottle, or taking baby to mum to be breastfed
  • Assisting and encouraging mum with breastfeeding, i.e. different positions and offering advice on any potential problems encountered
  • Ensuring new mothers get plenty to drink and eat a balanced/nutritional diet
  • Integrating the new baby(ies) into the family, i.e. with older siblings.

The ‘extras’ a maternity nurses is willing to offer will depend on the individual. These may include shopping, preparation of meals, school runs and dog walking. Maternity nurses are not responsible for domestic cleaning, household laundry or care of siblings except where previously agreed at interview stage.

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