Night Nannies

Does your family need a Night Nanny?

Night Nannies are often seen as just for families with newborn babies, but while that’s the most common reason that a highly experienced nanny, specialising in night nurse work, might be hired, it’s only one of the occasions on which a night nanny or night maternity nurse might make family life more pleasant and calm for the whole household.

Babies, sleep problems and night nannies

Many parents struggle with getting a good night’s rest after the arrival of a new baby – a short term nanny with night nanny experience can help the whole family build a routine that leads a newborn to better sleep, helps with better feeding and gives the whole family confidence and calm.

Older children and sleep issues – a temp nanny may be the solution

Older babies and even toddlers can develop difficulties settling at the beginning of their evening sleep. This may lead to waking during the night – a temporary night nanny can help establish ‘sleep hygiene’ so that older babies and toddlers have a routine that leads to better sleep, which in turn supports happier mornings and more relaxed children and parents! A night nanny is on hand to deal with unsettled sleep and night waking, so parents can be at their best the following day.

A time of particular stress follows the arrival of a newborn. Older children may struggle with their own sleeping because household routines are unsettled. A night nanny offers solutions based on tested methods to bring harmony back to the household.

Work, sleep, children and night nanny

For an increasing number of parents, work is no longer a standard 9-5 process. For those who work shifts or simply keep very late or early hours, a qualified nanny who can take on overnight duties gives peace of mind and the ability to concentrate on work without worrying about childcare through the night.

How do Night Nannies work?

Because each night nanny will offer an individual and bespoke service to a family, it’s difficult to say exactly what she will provide, but the three key facts are:

1. A night nanny will be highly experienced, bringing with her specialised training in creating and implementing sleep interventions for newborns, babies, toddlers and their families
2. She will provide guidance and advice, tips and tools
3. Your night nanny will stay overnight for consecutive nights, or as agreed, until issues are resolved. Some night nannies are permanent employees in households where parents value support in ensuring children have sound sleep patterns.

Finding the right Night Nanny

As a high profile nanny agency we have a specific interview process for night nannies. We examine their credentials and experience and we’re looking for confident, sensitive answers that demonstrate understanding of the problem of disturbed sleep, sensitivity to each family’s specific requirements and experience of a wide range of night nanny techniques so that she can tailor her abilities to the situation.

Once we have a shortlist of prospective night nannies with just the right experience, we encourage parents to interview their prospective night nannies to find out which short term nanny suits them best. Our London Nanny Agency team coordinate with our Surrey Nanny Agency team to ensure every family gets the best night nanny for their needs, whether here in the UK or when an Overseas Night Nanny is required.

Next steps to finding the perfect Night Nanny

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