Bilingual Nannies

Bilingual Nannies

There are two reasons that many of our families ask us to help them find the perfect bilingual nanny. As a high profile nanny agency, we recognise these two very different requirements which are:

(a) To give a child fluency in a second language or,
(b) The family is itself bilingual.

Helping your child learn a second language fluently

For many families, giving a child fluency in a chosen second language is a key consideration when choosing the right nanny for their household. A qualified nanny who can teach a child to speak French, German, Spanish, or even Russian, Mandarin or Arabic can give a child a superb advantage.

Of course the main language that nearly every highly experienced nanny is required to speak is English – and our London Nanny service is inundated with requests for English-speaking overseas nannies. Whether you’re seeking a nanny to give your child a wonderful grasp of Italian or want the right qualified nanny to teach your little one Portuguese, our team of qualified consultants are on hand to introduce you to the ideal candidate to meet your needs.

Young children pick up second languages with ease and soon become both confident and fluent. This can be a huge asset throughout a child’s academic career as well as delivering excellent social skills as language development is seen as a key indicator of social competence.

Nannies for bilingual or multilingual families

If your household speaks more than one language, it can be a real asset to have domestic staff who are fluent in more than one of those languages – so whether you need a nounou, niñera or ayah, we’re the childcare agency to meet your needs. Having an overseas nanny who can speak the dominant language of the family simplifies so much of domestic life and where a private tutor is also employed, a bilingual nanny can easily support the language development of a child and give them a huge head start both academically and socially.

Of course it’s not enough for a nanny to speak the right languages, every family also wants a qualified nanny with experience who will smooth family life and fit into everyday activities. That’s why we take extra time to understand the requirements of each family seeking a bilingual nanny whether at home or overseas.

Choosing the right bilingual Nanny

For many families, a second language really matters – it’s an investment in the future success of a child or a recognition of family heritage, alternatively it might be part of a plan to relocate abroad at some future point or an absolute requirement, given that the family will one day be posted to an area where that second language is vital to a full and happy life. In all these cases, choosing the right bilingual nanny is essential.

Our hand-picked shortlist of nanny candidates will be specifically matched to your needs. A strict selection process ensures you don’t waste time interviewing potential nannies who aren’t just right for you. Our client list of high profile families and top corporations in London and Surrey, as well as internationally, shows that we have an excellent track record in nanny recruitment and retention. Our Surrey nanny agency is known throughout the Home Counties for its skill in finding smart, hardworking bilingual nannies for busy families and our London nanny agency specialises in supplying bilingual nannies in the capital and overseas.

If you’re considering giving your child the invaluable gift of a second language, contact us today to speak to a dedicated consultant with wide-ranging experience of bilingual nanny placement

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